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  Listen to a sample of  Luz Celenia Tirado singing on La Décima de Espinel 
  Listen to a sample of Isidro Fernández singing on La Décima de Espinel

Puerto Rico's traditional song La Trova de Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rican Cuatro Project brings together
the greatest traditional artists of our time
in a beautiful compact disk recording

In 2008 the Cuatro Project produced an important new recording on compact disc, which brought together several of the very best traditional musicians and troubadours on the Island: Nieves Quintero, Ramón Vázquez, Luz Celenia Tirado, Isidro Fernández y Luisito, Luis Morales Ramos. The CD includes a 37-page booklet that explains the origins and history of the backbone of Puerto Rican folkloric sung poetry, the décima espinela not only in the way that it developed on the Island but in Spain and across Latin America sas well. It traces the routed that the tradition followed over the centuries up to the way it is still loved and performed in Puerto Rico today. The inserted educational booklet is a serious work of scholarship by the notable historian Myriam Fuentes, and the recording was produced by Project member, folklorist and collector David Morales.

Maneco, Ray Vazquez y Nieves Quintero: Grupo Cuerdas de Oro, united in 2008 for the recording of the Cuatro Project compact disk, , La Décima de Espinel

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